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Unlocking Success in Bowling: The Mental Game with Ruben Ghiragossian

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Unlocking Success in Bowling: The Mental Game with Ruben Ghiragossian

Bowling is not just a physical sport; it’s a mental challenge too. In the world of bowling, understanding the intricacies of the mental game can be just as crucial as having the right technique. Ruben Ghiragossian, a Master Teaching Professional and author of the Kegel Coaching Master’s Programs, brings his expertise to the lanes, helping bowlers of all levels harness the power of their minds for peak performance.

Ruben Ghiragossian’s approach goes beyond simply rolling a ball down the lane; it delves into the psychology of the game. From managing nerves and staying focused under pressure to maintaining a winning mindset, his insights are invaluable for anyone looking to elevate their bowling game.

Through his coaching, Ghiragossian empowers bowlers to:

  1. Mental Toughness: Develop resilience and mental fortitude to handle challenges and setbacks.
  2. Visualization: Harness the power of visualization to improve accuracy and consistency.
  3. Strategy: Craft effective game plans and adapt on the fly.
  4. Confidence: Build self-confidence that translates to improved performance on the lanes.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, Ruben Ghiragossian’s teachings can make a significant difference in your bowling journey. Join us on BOLTV (YouTube) to explore the mental side of bowling with one of the foremost experts in the field.


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